Past, present and future of Innovation



Key Design, the first Italian manufacturer of panoramic glazing systems

Key Design enters the market of panoramic windows in 2017 with the design of FanGlass® system, a folding solution designed with attention to the smallest details, able to offer all the comfort of a perfectly insulated environment along with the beauty of a total transparency effect.

Key Design research activity involved a large team of engineers and technical figures who (with the precious help and indications provided by experienced glass masters) have designed a system with an exclusive aesthetic impact and a strong design touch, overcoming at the same time the main functional gaps of other products in the market.

Not satisfied with the results achieved, Key Design team is currently studying innovative all-glass solutions with a high rate of technological innovation, dedicated to outdoor and indoor environments.


The experience of Vetreria Deserto

Having been one of the most innovative companies in the flat glass manufacturing and transformation industry for more than 50 years, Vetreria Deserto represented the starting point and inspiration for Key Design set up and development.

Equipped with modern technologies such as a fully automated warehouse, a tempering oven, two plants for the production of insulating glass and several numerical control machines for process automation, Vetreria Deserto is a structured and innovative company, which seeks quality in every process and diligently controls every step: an advanced industrial approach, which allowed the company to become one of the main suppliers for important international brands.


Key Design vision

Vetreria Deserto as a starting point, Key Design as its natural development, looking at the future. Thanks to the know-how acquired in many years of experience in the glass industry and foreseeing new opportunities in the panoramic glazing segment, Vetreria Deserto founded Key Design, which is today the only Italian company capable of guaranteeing a finished product (profile plus glass) made entirely in-house, with important advantages in terms of product customization, delivery times and service quality.

After a first phase characterized by design, choice of the best materials and identification of the most functional solutions, at the end of 2017 Key Design launched FanGlass®, the exclusive foldable glazing system for the enclosure of indoor and outdoor environments that guarantees usability and living.

FanGlass® system can be customized both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view, as the customer obtains different results in terms of insulation from atmospheric agents according to the type of glass and gaskets chosen, thus reducing the consumption related to heating or air conditioning by about 30%.

Nowadays, folding and sliding windows represent the most elegant and efficient solution to cross the border between indoors and outdoors and extend space usability throughout the year.

The frameless glazing systems designed by Key Design are perfect for both private homes and business activities. Indeed, both systems allow to fence your bioclimatic pergola, terrace, balcony, veranda and office, thus increasing the usable environemnt of a home or the area of a business dedicated to customers, with elegance and comfort.