Key Design on Radio News 24

Valeria Deserto, CEO of Key Design, was recently a guest of Radio News 24, where she talked about the company set-up, Key Design strengths and its future developments.
In the course of the interview, Valeria Deserto underlines how Key Design is now the first direct manufacturer of panoramic glazing systems in Italy, thanks to the design of its own profiles already patented at an international level and the presence of an internal glass company, so that each element of the glazing is made entirely in-house, with important implications for the end customer.

Indeed, Valeria explains that Key Design customer has several opportunities to customize the product, both in terms of profile colors and glass types and finishes. Moreover, the internalization of each stage of production results in a greater guarantee on product quality, thanks to the internal supervision of the entire process, and greater service speed, precisely because the company is not dependent on third party suppliers.

The main strengths of the company currently include the presence of the Thermic panoramic glazing, a system with double glazing that very few competitors have nowadays, and the Thermic Elite system, a solution with double glazing without vertical profiles, which currently has no rivals in the market.

Among the main challenges that Key Design has to face in the upcoming years, we find the consolidation of market shares in Italy, the expansion into foreign markets and the design of new products and solutions in the field of interior and exterior design.